The 1st Casebook: LIVE on 3.21.2016 . . . And Other Picture Postcards



But not really. Promotion takes time. Audience building takes time. No one ever made a dollar into a grand overnight (which is the same as if making $110,000 from a $1,000 in a month, but we’ll let that go *smile*), so . . . Lord willing, I’ve got time.

All in all . . . I’ll be sad to let JERSEY DOGS go. It’s been with me for more than a decade, it’s part of me. But it’s like your kids: eventually, they have to go to kindergarten. Then junior high, senior high, college, then . . . life. Casper, Logan, Jay Vincent are my boys. I want them as much a part of a new reader’s library as maybe Harry Potter is in theirs (the Quidditch Captain’s in my library, hint, hint!). But even if it’s not, I do hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I’ve done writing it, and find it as helpful as anything as it has been for me. And know, in addition to working hard on Casebook #2, titled KINGZ OF CASPIAN COUNTY, I’m busily plotting more Casebooks for your–and my–enjoyment.

**~~**        **~~**        **~~**        **~~**        **~~**        **~~**         **~~**

And for you–yes, YOU! *grin*–who prefer your mysteries more on the adult side, fear not! I’ve let up my inner urban fantasy geek up for air! Under the pseudonym “MKClarke,” I’m devising murder mysteries with more heat and magic than a Kimchi taco. The most funnest part: I’m a character in my own series!

Now that’s gotten your attention: what’s in it?

Sex, naturally. No, I mean, he’s got me roughed up, take-no-prisoners-boogie-down, gettin’ it ON like Donkey Kong, sex. We’re talkin’ threesomes, girl-on-girl, doin’ it in the snow, on a mountain top, while invisible . . . making him submit while blindfolded and cuffed, awwwl-o-dat. What it’s NOT: Fiddy Shades (yeah, I spelled it that way intentionally.). ‘Nuff said.

Oh, and if you’re religious, you might not want to read this literature. I write in a literary flair, but with the aforementioned subject matter, this you may want to pass on by. I totally understand if you do and respect your choice.

There’s lots of magic. Double-agents and double-crossings. Cooking, too (not spells-brewing, but actual, Downton Abbey meals-like food). Illegal wand usage. A black market for flying carpets, swords, an apothecary for imported magical potions, powders, herbs, creams, oils, tears, blood, et al not cleared by Scottish customs, and invisibility scarves (which Logan happens to be good at, in addition to his ability to talk to the inanimate.). Talking animals unlike of the Narnian variety (a glowing, yellow-eyed black panther, for one), and labyrinthine portals connecting broom closets with an inn, a tree hollow, and an elven world where humans aren’t exactly favored. But rainbow faeries have to save our butts before things get too out of hand. Unity matters when we’re fighting against The Gloom seeking to keep all under its unforgivable oppression.

And then there’s a snow wyvern who’s had a falling out with her phoenix cousin, she’s bisexual like my character, and no longer friends with a female a family member of the more purebreed families in Glasgow, and who I happened to punch in the jaw before she transformed into a fire-breathing bitch–er, dragon–and a headmistress who murdered the Jenny Lind local domestics academy’s benefactor but I can’t pin down she’d done the deed.

Toss in goblins, water sprites  (including a dead water sprite’s father), a groundskeeper lonely for his son, an animated Christmas wreath gone nuts, children’s blocks spelling out a cryptic message, and a pair of swords called Volcanis and Firestorm. So goes HOLLY-JOLLY MURDER, Book 1 of the Volcanis-Firestorm Chronicles, an urban fantasy mystery series for the kid, and the lascivious, in all of us. I’m aiming for this to be available in eBook only, Christmas, 2016.

Titles forthcoming: JANUARY JINX, LOVE, D.O.A., and SHAMROCK ICE.

Those should whet your whistles enough for now. Back to editing JERSEY DOGS. Until next time . . .

Happy Reading!

~ Missye



I Join the Indie Pub Universe, Part 1

Land a house in June 2015, fifteen days after my birthday. And I’m out of one on the day Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow.

Easy come, easy go.

Well, landing a book deal isn’t ever easy; losing one is, though, go figure **she says, New Yawk accent still intact.** Sorry for being blasé about that; that shit was a slog some sixty rejections later (and of those, a good third were never-to-be-heard-from rejects) to land. But I thank you for permitting me a little gallows humor.

Still . . . I think the bigger slog was having no say in what my book would look like in the end: in formatting, in paragraph indents, what edits stayed or didn’t, in the cover, and other architectual layouts of said design. Just because I give my rights up for the story, doesn’t mean I don’t have say how said story should be presented to the waiting, reading-buying public. Continue reading “I Join the Indie Pub Universe, Part 1”