#TrumpOrBust: Why This Author Is All In for The Donald

10626596_10154535515590725_8406776879092171790_nI’m a novelist. And it’s been said, often, writers shouldn’t express their feelings on politics, religion, and other hot-button topics some could deem third rail in book or story sales.
But that depends on how said topics are handled–and probably another good blog post for a later time. Still, writers and other creatives must have a say in their country’s political processes, as those decisions in their country’s or state’s capitals affect them greatly. Personally, I think the one who crafted the Never argue religion or politics line was probably one who lost the argument too many times to admit, and issued said statement to keep his head held high. But I digress.
Let’s press on!

I understand why some of you prefer certain candidates. Here’s the breakdown, brilliantly told by KSFO talk show host and retired meteorologist, Brian Sussman, during his stand on for natioanally syndicated talk giant, Michael Savage of The Savage Nation on 4 March 2016:

Carson (@RealBenCarson–and announced the end of his campaign at the 2016 CPAC conference, sadly): soft-spoken, Christian, never engaged in the playground name-calling others did, gracious, diplomatic–but his platform was lost in the media-ratings game shuffle, and he never gained traction in the polls from his late fall polling surge;
Cruz (@tedcruz): A “true conservative Constitutionalist” who appeals to those under that dome, those on the right (debatable he is as more details emerge, but for now, we’ll leave this so);
Rubio (@marcorubio): for those who want Establishment politicians running things, and prefer this apple cart to stay where it is at the expense of everyone and everything in America;
Kasich (@JohnKasich): appeals to the “Casper Milquetoasts”–erm, middle-of-the-road moderates–in the GOP;
Hillary (@HillaryClinton): because she’s a woman; she has no other record to run on BUT this. Unless they wish to ignore her numerous scandals, Benghazi and Deletegate, to name two of many;
Sanders: (@BernieSanders): make college free and the rich “pay their fair share,” but he, nor his supporters, never explained what happens when said rich move their money elsewhere;
Trump: (@realDonaldTrump) representing why/how/where/when and how deep the aforementioned have failed the PlainJoes and PlainJanes across the country, and how We the People are fed up as hell with the status quo and aren’t taking it anymore.
I see the logic in those reading this why so-and-so is your guy or gal. Or you prefer no one at all. While I disagree with you, I respect your rational and reasons why you hold yours. But here’s why I’m putting my support behind Trump.

In 1980, I was fourteen when Reagan campaigned and was elected; in 1984 when I was eighteen and voted for the first time, Reagan won his second landslide as President. But before his election, the GOP during the Carter admin didn’t do SQUAT for double-digit inflation in food and energy costs, there were double-digit interest rates, his foreign policy attempts were disastrous–and why we’re in a bog as big as Jupiter with Middle East relations today–and the Elephant Party pretty much gave us Ford after Nixon acted the fool. They also did next to nothing to free Americans from Iran for 444 days. I remember this as if it this were yesterday.

Was Reagan perfect? Hell no! Is Trump perfect? Well, as none of us are, I’ll guess you can reach that conclusion on your own. But like Reagan then and Trump today, both men were as close to perfect as we got in tackling the chance to gut an over-bloated gov’t as able in eight years, keep the Constitution intact, trade taxed accordingly, laws being enacted and enforced, and people left alone for the most part. The economy boomed for a good dozen years during and after Reagan’s Presidency, the fed debt was low, and people had money to spend. But most of all, they were left alone without Big Nanny Gov’t in every aspect of their lives to tell them what to do and not do.

Reagan also changed his positions when he learned the other side of the story in certain issues he’d supported (being pro-choice to pro-life, for instance). And how the private sector is far better in creating jobs than any government welfare or federal program can empower anyone. (Case in point: where are those “Summer of Recovery ” jobs Joe Biden said would materialize in 2011? Yeah, I don’t see them, either. And imagine being dictated when to buy food via a food-stamp card? I think not. Mind, I’m not saying all welfare programs are bad; they’re best for those down-and-out and fallen on hard times. But it’s not meant or intended to be generational, ongoing, or used in lieu of actual employment.).

I’m for Trump, not because he’s a business guy, will get the southern border wall built and make Mexico pay for it, will help create much-needed jobs and income, can keep a budget. I’m not for him because he’s a Gemini like me, from NYC like me, speaks in a street-fighter way like I’ve done all my life–living in that town, it’s almost a pre-req to do that! :)–and gut aspects of this leviathan gov’t sinking the nation (though all those things help). I’m for Donald J. Trump because for years, both parties played games with We the People long enough. He’s not a politician–and that’s what many in America want! He’s a verbal Mohammed Ali, a verbal street-fighter the world needs to see and lead through upcoming tumultuous times the previous leaders–the metrosexuals, the Ivy League’d professors, the soft-spoken gentlemen–instigated this mess in the first place. He’s a father figure, a manly man, a person who sees winning as a good thing.  How many people since the 1980s grew up without a strong male role model? How many women see Trump as a strong, heroic leader they never had an example to look to? Why do you think ladies like me like a rough, tough-talking, rugged guy? It embodies strength, power, FIGHT! And heaven knows this country is begging for that. Sure he’s got an ego; you need one to be in business for as long as Trump has. Since when is having a level of ego wrong? From the ruling class who has this in spades, yet sees themselves lording our lives over us? Do I care he’s not spouting the Constitution or his relationship with God on his sleeve? No. We’ve so many bigger fires to fight on the front; Trump’s faith in God is between him and the Creator–and I’m going on face value he and the Man Upstairs are tight. Did Moses not have some in his tribe hold his arms up when he grew weary? So, too, will we the people hold Trump up and accountable when that time comes. It’s our duty to do so, be you Christian, Jew, Muslim, atheist, or whichever.
I’m for Trump because average people like you and me–rule-abiding, raising families, not looking to game the system, work every day, paying your bills, feeding your kids, without connections, etc.–are SICK AND DAMN TIRED of the empty promises and BS rhetoric coming from both sides of the aisle. We the People are tossing the Establishment Elites out on their collective asses for this monster they created–and they hate those for personifying in Trump in their resentment toward them. There’s an uprising like never before. The Day of Political Reckoning is here. Yet the ruling elite will do anything to curtail this tideswell.
But did you ever consider: maybe this is what God wants? I think so. Because seriuously: if you don’t have Borders! Language! Culture! . . . the Constitution won’t matter much a damn. This isn’t to put down Ted Cruz’s stances on the nation’s document. But he hasn’t said much on the borders-language-culture issues, and for that, to me, makes the Constitution unimportant now. Close the borders. Then worry about the laws and the messes within them.
Trump embodies the anger I’ve had for the Establishment since 1980. They kept my wages low. They helped keep my taxes high. They gamed the system he didn’t do, we didn’t do, played by the rules set up IN that system–and they’re trying to take him down for exposing the flaws the Establishment elite created. #TrumpOrBust. But not if I help hold The Doanld’s arms up, politically speaking and in earnest prayer, like Aaron did for Moses.
Thanks much for reading. A more light-hearded post will be up shortly.
~ Missye

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